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The PolicyLo Brand Story

India has more than 5 Crore MSMEs, who produce nearly 30% of India’s GDP. Most of these struggle to grow and lakhs of them shutdown due to unforeseen risk. Lakhs of MSMEs , especially smaller ones, closed due to Covid.

Could they have remained operational by mitigating their risks?
YES. All they had to do was ensure they were covered with the right insurance products.

Why don’t the MSMEs
cover themselves?

They mostly are unaware of the wide range of Insurance products, which are available at very attractive price. The present education and penetration of insurance products is very low in India. And even the ones who insure their business, most of them are not advised the right insurance solution.

Why Don’t The MSMEs
              Cover Themselves?
Policy Lo -The Result

The Result?

The MSMEs, which need to cover their risk the most, are left without cover. is an initiative by Epoch Insurance Brokers Private Limited, one of India’s Leading insurance brokers, to support Business Continuity for the MSME sector by providing a wide range of attractive insurance options. offers a mix of expertise from Epoch with cutting edge digital technology to support low cost solutions to MSMEs. Our Philosophy is best showcased by our commitment for “Sahi Bima, Tez Claim”.

“Sahi Bima, Tez Claim”

Our mission is to ensure the most optimal insurance cover for our MSME clients and support them in getting their claims.

We believe will support the India Growth Story by ensuring safe growth for the critical MSME sector on India.

Policy Lo - Sahi Bima, Tez Claim
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