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Envision an action that builds your adaptability, reinforces your muscles, focuses your musings, and unwinds and quiets you. Yoga does all that and then some! In this article, the concise history and the logic of yoga, the advantages, its benefits, how it solves health problems everything is described. What is...

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How to strike a perfect life balance?

They rightly call it a “rat race”; a race that is meant to keep us competitive so that we are always at par, if not ahead of others. But, at what cost? Most people pay ‘work-life conflict’ as a price for this competition.What is work-life conflict?It is a condition where...

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Theft Extension In Burglary Insurance Policy

Building a house, property or business can takes months and years of toiling and hard work. Just one incident can have serious consequences financially in your personal or commercial life. Hence insuring your most important assets are extremely important with a burglary insurance policy. But did you know theft and...

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Why 'FIR' is the catalyst in burglary insurance claims?

The Burglary insurance policy broadly covers loss and/or damage by burglary, housebreaking including hold-up risk and damage caused to premises. This policy provides cover for property contained in business premises, stocks owned or held in trust and/or commission. It can be further extended to cover cash, valuables, securities kept in...

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First Loss Basis

In today’s day and age insuring assets has become extremely important but most people are clueless when it comes to the insurance type or coverage amount. The prime reason behind this is the low penetration and importance of burglary or theft insurance cover in India especially in tier 2 and...

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